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Add pictures to dive sites

BLUU divelog supports the addition of pictures to dive sites. It does not yet support the addition of pictures to dives or the addition of videos.
  • Tap on the icon <dive sites> at the bottom of the screen

  • Tap on the icon <edit> at the top right of the screen

  • Tap on the <+> below the description field

In case this icon is not visible, you may have denied access to your photos library. Here is hot to correct it.
  • Select the desired folder and picture

  • You can now optimise the area that will be displayed by shifting the picture in the screen

  • Tap on <Choose>

  • Tap on the <Save> icon at top right of the screen

  • Chose the displayed picture by tapping on the small picture icons

  • To get a full screen display of the picture tap on the large picture

  • You can now swipe between pictures

  • To change the order of pictures, edit the dive site and pull the picture to the desired position

While the pictures will be shown in the app, they will remain in your photos library. We have chosen this implementation to avoid using too much storage space. However, this also means, that when you delete the picture in the photos library, it will also disappear from BLUU divelog


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